We strongly believe that ornaments crafted in gold give beauty and prosperity for a lifetime. If such delicately made gold ornaments are available as investment schemes, then it would be a double delight. Now, without any hesitation, you can envision a bright golden future!

Indivara, the new range of attractive gold ornaments synonymous with utmost purity and superior craftsmanship, is now available to you through 5000 plus Muthoot Finance outlets. The term Indivara means 'a blessing'. So it is a name that would bring you good luck and prosperity with a new Easy Gold Investment Scheme. The brand has launched a collection of attractive women's and men's jewelry suitable for special occasions and daily wear.



Muthoot Indivara Gold 1
Min. Advance: 2500/-
10 Advances
Muthoot Indivara Gold 2
Min. Advance: 2000/-
6 Advances
Muthoot Indivara Gold 3
Min. Advance: 2000/-
3 Advances

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Terms and conditions:

  1. Once the final advance is paid, you can purchase ornaments of your choice from Muthoot Indivara collection.
  2. The price of the gold will be based on that particular day of purchase.
  3. Advance payments can be made online or through any of the Muthoot Finance outlets.
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